Robert “Bruce” Banner | The Hulk | 45 years old | Good | Human | TAKEN

FC: Mark Ruffalo

“Ever since I was born, I’ve been fighting. Fighting for survival. For sanity. For control. For years, I fought against my own nature. I fought to be free of what I thought was a curse. But now… Now I fight to be whole.”


+ intelligent, self-sacrificing, sensitive

- broken, unpredictable, withdrawn



The many tragic events that have occurred in Bruce Banner’s life have caused him to have a fragile psyche. He has repressed a lot of anger, bitterness, and resentment, which probably set up his eventual transformation into the Hulk. He is a kind, though aloof, man who wants to help others. However, because of the obstacle that is the Hulk, he tries to shy away from friendship, camaraderie, and intimacy. When he can open his heart up to someone, it’s a beautiful thing. Break it, and the last words you’ll hear will be "HULK SMASH!"


Robert “Bruce” Banner seemed destined for a life of pain and misery. He is the son of Brian Banner, famous for his expertise in atomic energy, but infamous for being a paranoid, delusional, alcoholic, abusive, deranged murderer. He had a fixation on the idea that Bruce was born a monster, due to his work with atomic energy and the fact that he had a “monster gene” from his own abusive father, ironically named  Bruce Banner I. Brian Banner tormented and abused his family for years. When Bruce was 6, Rebecca Banner finally worked up the courage to leave Brian, intending to take Bruce with her. Sadly, Brian caught them and killed Rebecca in a moment of rage. Bruce testified against his father, but Brian scared him into recanting. Thankfully, Brian later confessed to the crime in a drunken rant. Sent away to a mental hospital, Bruce was raised by his Aunt Susan.

Bruce’s childhood traumas may have set up the inevitable. Not long after he was placed with his aunt, he started talking to an imaginary friend…one named The Hulk.

In high school, Bruce nearly blew up his school on The Hulk’s advice. Bruce changed his mind at the last second and managed to stop the bomb from exploding. Instead of jail time, though, Bruce’s skills gained the interest of the military. Notably, one Major Thaddeus Ross.

After college, Major Ross chose Bruce for a special assignment. Bruce thought he was developing a serum that would help soldiers resist radiation poisoning. Secretly, Major Ross was manipulating Bruce into recreating the super-soldier serum used to create Captain America. Bruce tested the finished product on himself, meaning to only expose himself to low doses of gamma radiation. A malfunction occurred, exposing Bruce to lethal levels of gamma radiation. When everyone expected to see a dead scientist, they were shocked to find a big green rage monster standing in his place… 


When the Avengers began falling part, Bruce took it badly. He started to once again lose control of the Hulk thanks to the strress. Tony may have been going through the hell of his son being kidnapped and Pepper leaving him, but he wanted to provide his friend with stability. That and he could use Bruce’s brains to take Stark Industries into a new direction. He hired Bruce as his specialist in gamma radiation. They hope to find a way to at least prevent, if not outright cure, the effects of gamma radiation poisoning. If they succeed, it could cure Bruce of the Hulk.

In the years since, Bruce has developed feelings for Tony. He never asked for that to happen. After Betty dying, resurrecting as Red She Hulk, and leaving him, Bruce wanted to stay a bachelor. But the Stark has wriggled his way into his heart. But Bruce would rather take his feelings to the grave. He would never, ever come between Tony and Pepper. But all secrets find a way to the surface. Can Bruce honestly expect Tony to not piece it together?

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